Optimize Your Group Coaching Program

With A Customer Success Plan

If you've created a successful group coaching or certification program, you already know that students that see results fuel your marketing. When students stall out from learning, they're more likely to cancel.

Happy students stay longer in your program, pay more, and refer you business!

Customer Success helps your coaching students see results and grows your recurring revenue.

This might look like increased retention rates, annual recurring revenue boosts, and getting booked for related coaching and services.

Business growth without the hustle

Grows your annual recurring revenue

Streamline your customer onboarding

Increases customer lifetime value

increase 95% of your profit, if you retained just 5% of your group coaching clients?

Frederick Reichheld, Founder of Bain & Company - inventor of the Net Promotor Score

Read on...

A 1:1 Customer Success Intensive to map out your customer success plan for an entire year in less than 4 weeks!

Expand Your Recurring Revenue From Repeat Clients

The simple truth is that new customers cost 5-25x more than past customers...

so the key to increasing revenue ISN’T just acquiring customers -

BUT, focusing on keeping them!

So, while flashy sales funnels might get people through the door -

THEY DON'T EXACTLY keep the revenue coming ...

Customer Success keeps your revenue growing from customers you already have.

Traditional Funnels

Large quantity, low quality leads

  • Cold leads = more expensive
  • Cancellations = decreased recurring revenue

Customer Success Cycle

Lower quantity, high quality with aligned messaging

  • Warm audience = high customer lifetime value
  • Renewals & expansion revenue = Increased profits!

Definition: Customer success is the concept of achieving business growth by adopting a customer focused approach.

- Gainsight

Here's how a simple 5% increase in

your retention

recovers lost recurring revenue.

Imagine you have 80 clients in your annual group coaching program paying $1,000/ month.

And at the end of the 6 month period, you lose 25 clients and $25k out the door. 

With a 5% increase in annual customer retention, you could recover $78k!

Fed up with low course completion rates, repetitive questions, and drowning in a sea of disconnected curriculum?

Book an intensive so I can help!

Here's what happens after you book


Stage One: Group Program Audit aka "Learning Analysis"

You send me your group program curriculum and I review it from top to bottom with my expert eye of instructional design.


Stage Two: Annual Customer Success Plan

I send you a step-by-step roadmap expertly guiding your clients toward massive results in your group coaching program.

Here's just a taste of what I'll provide.

Clear metrics and milestones for optimal student success

✅ Recommendations for key changes to the customer onboarding

✅ Key insights to helpful tech tools and resources for improving customer experience

Renewal and retention goals


Stage Three: Customer Success Plan Intensive

Two Full Hours of 1:1 Consulting (we’ll go over my findings in detail, make expert tweaks to elevate your curriculum, & maximize ways to delight and deliver a powerful client experience for results so good they can’t help but tell their friends.

Quarterly business reviews can be booked to keep your retention and customer success on track.

Things feel messy and out of alignment from your true vision for your program.

Students seem stalled from taking action leaving you or your team asking -

“What’s missing from this curriculum?”

Your drive and desire to help your students succeed leaves you wondering

“How can I make this program even better?”

You know client success stories are needed to fuel your marketing.

And as a top-tier group coaching founder, you've already tried...

  • Hiring a sales and marketing or operations consultant to reach more clients and deliver your program - but you’re left without a detailed plan for what’s missing in your program’s core curriculum

  • Asking your team and client’s how to improve your program, but surveys and data seem to barely scratch the surface

  • Rolling up your sleeves and looking at why clients leave your program without achieving their goals, but still unsure how to address this.

Andrea Jones

Founder of the Social Savvy School

I feel like I have a way forward.

"These sessions with Melody are a great way to get out of your own head and put your concepts down on paper.

I learned ways to create different levels of knowledge and celebrate as students graduate. I'm confident that we can re-structure our current content resources in a way that helps them move forward"

Anxiously banging your head on the wall wondering where the missing learning pieces are in your program

Spending 5X more time and marketing revenue converting new clients

Too many hours working with wrong-fit clients instead of the ones you really want to work with

100% Recommend!

"Melody was great to work with. She was professional, responsive, and supportive.

I look forward to working with her on future projects and recommend her services 100%."

Dr. Julianna Hynes -

Julianna Hynes & Associates

Worth it!

"It was well worth the money and Melody is clearly a very knowledgeable resource. If you are serious about developing online learning or education, Melody can be a key resource to provide the foundation necessary to move forward.

Mike - Japan Fuji Online

Kelan & Brittany Kline

Founders of The Savvy Couple

We love working with you!

"We would 100% recommend this session. There is a huge market for our business that we are missing and couldn't put the pieces together without you. We are good at working in our business, but it is very hard for us to work on our business and you helped bring a lot of clarity.

We absolutely loved working with you!"

Finally, have the group program you've always wanted to deliver

  • Free up your time and energy with a plan setup for maximum student success
  • A clear customer journey roadmap to help you attract RIGHT FIT clients and aligned messaging
  • Data based revenue goals and analysis providing a clear benchmark for growing your recurring revenue

Before the customer success plan

  • Labor intensive and draining onboarding
  • Out of sync curriculum
  • Confused or overwhelmed students
  • Low student engagement
  • Increased cancellations

After the customer success plan

  • A scalable customer onboarding experience
  • Aligned outcome driven curriculum outline
  • Mapped out student success milestones
  • Data driven retention benchmarks
  • Increased annual recurring revenue

If you're scrolling all the way down here - you're a passionate CEO ready to give your students the VIP experience.

My name is Melody. I’m the founder at The Course Consultant. I help visionary leaders, specifically those with a group program and subscription business models, expand their recurring revenue through powerful learning experiences.

As a Certified Virtual Customer Success Manager and Instructional Designer - I’m passionate about two things: getting your customer’s better results through education AND helping you grow your recurring revenue.

Questions? I've got you covered

Can you help me organize and identify new or updated curriculum?

Absolutely! Part of the customer success plan is to identify where the missing gaps are in your curriculum and how to improve it.

I'm in! Where will we chat? Do you offer Zoom or Voxer calls?

Yes, I offer access to chat with me for two hours or two (one hour) calls split either through Zoom or Voxer.

What's the difference between the Founder and Accelerator Plan

Great question! I offer two different payment options for Tier 1 and Tier 2 based on business revenue. Tier Two, I provide 1 month email support.

Can I hire you to manage and implement for my programs?

Maybe! Message me on the chat bubble below to see if I have availability.

I have another question!

Sure thing! Send me an email hello (at) thecourseconsultant (dot) com

Better student results, happier customers,

& more repeat business

I offer equitable pricing based on your business size.


For visionary leaders generating

between $350k-$500k annually

$3,250 or 2x $1,625


For visionary leaders generating

greater than $500k annually